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Guest Message by DevFuse


BRH March Trivia Night Madness

March 21 members&non members

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OFFLINE   true engies

true engies
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Trivia Night Thursday

****Don't have to be a Member to Play!
Once a Month--The Thursday right after Monthly Admin Meeting
Teamspeak (if you want to game while trivia-go for it.)

SIGN UP NOW! Reply to thread with:
  • Your Team Name
  • Your team players (must be a team of 2 or 3)
  • Team captain
Team Captain:
  • Trade 1 ref to True to enter
  • Make sure she has your info
  • Have your team ready Trivia Night and get a sub if needed
Trivia Format:

Teams that signed up get in your channel in Teamspeak
True and Drunk will use "talk over" feature to communicate (test this)
Questions will be Typed as well (test this)
As an added bonus we will make sure our mics work! (test this)
  • Drunk says the category then asks and types the question
  • Each team has 1 minute to discuss answers and respond via steam chat/voice, ts, up to you.
  • (True/Drunk has a timer going)
  • Try to give you a "second countdown"
  • Captain has answer in at 60 seconds explain this night of
  • Drunk gives answer
  • 1 pt to each team with right answer.

Winner: Team with most Points
Winners Announced, Prizes traded
Comments Suggestions Sent to True/Drunk on Forum Message

***Something NEW! This month we will be accepting 5 questions from a Guest Question Writer! Message True and Drunk if you are interested!
***Prizes=Games! (not TF2 items) Games bro!

  • if you are late/no show, tell your captain
  • PLEASE SIGN UP STARTING NOW VS 5 MINUTES BEFORE I will of course sign you up 5 minutes before, but please realize it makes start time later.
***Special Note: You know that feeling when you can't please everyone? That situation is going to happen on Trivia Night. Please know questions are created with Everyone as a Group in mind. Please know were Obv. trying our best and this is for fun.
***Suggestions Welcome! However, please remember to message me your thoughts in a Forum Message so I can keep track of them. Thanks!
*Yellow denotes True/Drunk's to do list

Edited by true engies, 23 March 2013 - 01:59 AM.
added Prize details

OFFLINE   true engies

true engies
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April Trivia Teams

Looking For a Team:

March Trivia Results
lil pony pussy lickers!!!! Spank Me, Commando, and Drunk's IRL friend.

February Trivia Results

Chan Clan Wins!!!!! (13)

Week 1 Trophy: Holy Mackerel with Name Tag (Fish=Brain Food)

pinky chan (capt)


Thanks to all who played, please sign up for next month! See you in April!

Edited by true engies, 23 March 2013 - 01:59 AM.
March Winners for teh winnn

OFFLINE   Commando


    Clam General

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Hey True and Drunk. Is there any way I could make love to you both at the same time without your spouses getting jealous? I'll pay for airfare and booze. This is a great fucking idea. Here are my thoughts

-True, when we first talked about trivia you were going to be on a team with Jester and myself. If you are a moderator I assume this is no longer the case?

-I'm sure if there is enough interest code could modify the server pop to 32+.

-Spies are gay

-True and Drunk nerds seem to have a great plan for this, so you assholes had better make teams, get organized, and respect their rules. Also if you sign up be there and be on time FFS

-Can we please just mute people if they are talking over moderators?

-^^ See above suggestion.....but this is a big change/idea. Alot of action goes on when people are fighting in the server. To achieve trivia night on a BRH TF2 server is possible I think ,but it might be a bit chaotic. I'm throwing this out there. What about a BRH trivia night on teamspeak, with no gamplay noise to disrupt the moderators or cause chatter? Linked channels and priority speaker for True and Drunk? Once again I'm just thinking out loud.

-Honors system for being honest and faithful to your fellow clammates. I have already traced your IP addresses (just in case I ever need to burn a spy's house down) and I know where all of you live. I recommend a man outside every home to kick in the door and savagely, nay, mercelessely beat anyone who attempts to use the internet/google to obtain an answer. On a very related note, you may have heard me talk about my mandatory gaming collar. This would come in handy in this sort of situation. Patent pending. For more information about the gaming collar please see my forthcoming thread.....or the opening prison scene in The Runing Man.

-There should be regular chug rounds/socials during this event.

-Beerman should be present (see chug rounds)

-GIGABIT.....I'm conflicted here. Either I want you on the team with Jester and myself, or I want a young clam member just in case there is a question about justin beiber or nickelback, or pokemon, or any other topic that is too recent to be important. Let's face it, I'm old and I don't even really know what pokemon is, but I'm assuming it's not important. But at the very least, can you be there to kick the losing team(s) OUTTA THA CLAM?

-I'm assuming teams that don't get the question right will be drinking?

-Can we ban Stabby right now just because (spy)?

That's all I've got for now. Looking forward to it!!!!!!!


Clam General


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"The mods found the thread....quick, hide the fun!!" -Chimple

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I am gonna try getting in on this when I get back (very soon). Mando, if you need a teamate I would be glad to apply.
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OFFLINE   Drunk Nerds

Drunk Nerds
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Truevia night, yes!

Love having my name on this, thanks True for the opportunity!

That's going to be on Thursday the 21st, 2013 in the month of our Lord February. so free up your calendars.

We always need questions from people who aren't playing, but make sure every question you write comes with a source (even if its just a pretty reliable website)




OFFLINE   true engies

true engies
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Yeah right Drunk. You are the Question master. I wouldn't do this with out you.
It's more like Druvia nerdt.

OFFLINE   The Beerman

The Beerman
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-Beerman should be present (see chug rounds)

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OFFLINE   A Can of Peas

A Can of Peas

    goddomnit fronk

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Spud and I and hopefully Disp would like to be a terrible trio plox
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OFFLINE   true engies

true engies
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Spud and I and hopefully Disp would like to be a terrible trio plox

sweet peas. (so pun)

umm just let me now when you 3 are confirmed, name and captain. <3

OFFLINE   Dr. Swagmonaut

Dr. Swagmonaut
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So is this still going on because I'm game. I don't know how I managed to miss this for so long.



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